Davide Elmo

Assistant Professor (Rock Mechanics)

Additional Responsibilities
UBC Mining Undergraduate Program Advisor


B.Eng., Engineering Geology and Geotechnics, University of Portsmouth, United Kingdom
Ph.D., Geomechanics, Camborne School of Mines, Unversity of Exeter, United Kingdom

Dr. Elmo joined the Norman B. Keevil Institute of Mining Engineering at the University of British Columbia in July 2012 as an assistant professor. His research and teaching topics are focused on different aspects of rock mechanics and rock engineering design. In particular, Dr. Elmo has been heavily involved in analysing new methods for the characterisation of rock mass strength and deformability, using a combination of discontinuity mapping and fracture mechanics modelling. Other research topics include advanced numerical modelling of block cave mining and discrete fracture networks, interaction between surface and underground mining, numerical simulations of the mechanical behaviour of hard rock pillars, slope stability analysis, applications of synthetic rock mass modelling and discrete fracture network modelling. Dr. Elmo is currently supervising and co-supervising 4 PhD students and 2 MASc students.

Dr. Davide Elmo has worked for 10 years as a geotechnical and rock mechanics engineer for consulting companies in Ireland and Canada, providing consultation on aspects of both surface and underground rock engineering for mining and civil engineering project. He was awarded the 2009 Golder Associates President’s Award for innovation and technical excellence and the 2010 Victor Milligan Award for the best paper on Ground Engineering published by Golder Associates staff. His academic experience includes a position as postdoctoral fellow at Simon Fraser University (Vancouver, Canada) from 2006 to 2008. In 2010 Dr. Elmo was appointment adjunct professor within the Department of Earth Sciences at Simon Fraser University, role that has included teaching an introductory course to soil and rock engineering, and co-supervising graduate students, PhD and MASc level.

Selected Publications (2012-2015, Peer Reviewed Journals)
Panton B., D. Elmo, D. Stead and P. Schlotfeldt. 2015. A Discrete Fracture Network Approach for the Design of Rock Foundation Anchorage. Mining Technology Journal. In production.

Nadolski S., B. Klein, D. Elmo and M. Scoble. 2015. Cave-to-Mill: a Mine-to-Mill approach for block cave mines. Transactions of the Australian Inst. Mining Metallurgy. Vol. 124(1), pp. 47-55.

Zhang Y., Stead D. and Elmo D. 2015. Characterization of strength and damage of hard rock pillars using a synthetic rock mass method. Computers and Geotechnics Vol. 6, pp. 56-72.

Mitelman A. and Elmo D. 2014. Modelling of blast induced damage in tunnels using a hybrid finite-discrete numerical approach. Journal of Rock mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering. Volume 6(6), pp. 565-573.

Elmo D., S. Rogers, D. Stead and E. Eberhardt. 2014. A Discrete fracture network approach to characterise rock mass fragmentation and implications for geomechanical upscaling. Transactions of the Australian Inst. Mining Metallurgy. Vol. 123(3), pp. 149-161.

Woo K.S., E. Eberhardt, D. Elmo, D. Stead and P. Kaiser. 2014. Benchmark testing of numerical capabilities for modelling the influence of undercut depth on caving, fracture initiation and subsidence angles associated with block cave mining. Transactions of the Australian Inst. Mining Metallurgy. Vol. 123(3), pp. 128-139.

Rogers S., D. Elmo, G. Webb and A. Catalan. 2014. Volumetric Fracture Intensity Measurement for Improved Rock Mass Characterisation and Fragmentation Assessment in Block Caving Operations. Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering. Vol 48(2). Pages 633-649.

Hamdi P., D. Stead and D. Elmo. 2014. Damage characterization during laboratory strength testing: A 3D-finite-discrete element approach. Computers and Geotechnics. Vol. 60, pp. 33-46.

Elmo D., D. Stead, E. Eberhardt and A. Vyazmensky. 2013. Applications of Finite Discrete Element Modelling to Rock Engineering Problems. International Journal of Geomechanics. Vol. 13(5).

Woo K-S., E. Eberhardt, D. Elmo and D Stead. 2013. Empirical investigation and characterization of surface subsidence related to block cave mining. International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Mining Sciences: Vol. 61. Pages 31-42.

Coggan J., F. Gao, D. Stead and D. Elmo. 2012. Numerical modelling of the effects of weak immediate roof lithology on coal mine roadway stability. International Journal of Coal Geology, volume 90-91, pages 100-109, DOI:10.1016/j.coal.2011.11.003.

Dr. Davide Elmo

Dr. Davide Elmo

513 Frank Forward
t: 604 822 9304
e: delmo@mining.ubc.ca

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